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If you’re looking for a partner to help you navigate the world of Ghanaian law, we speak your language. Ghana law firm Ntrakwah & Co. provides the technical skills and trustworthiness you’re looking for, with an insider’s knowledge in business, IP, tax, construction, litigation and international arbitration.

International Expertise

Ntrakwah & Co. has represented foreign clients in Ghana for more than three decades. Our lawyers are educated in the UK, US, Australia and Ghana, and each speak several languages.

The Authority on Ghanaian Law

Founder Felix Ntrakwah established the Ghanaian Corporate Law Institute, and serves on the Committee of Experts for business law reform.

Public and Private Consultancy

Our extensive experience in guiding foreign corporations and government agencies through the Ghanaian business environment is well known.

Unquestioned Integrity

In Ghana, there is no substitute for trust and Ntrakwah & Co. has earned a strong reputation for ethics and trustworthiness.

Legal Leadership

Our Ghana lawyers don’t just know local business law—we help create it.

  • Felix Ntrakwah founded Ntrakwah & Co. in 1984.
  • Felix helped draft the new Companies Bill for Ghana, currently before Parliament, as a member of the Committee of Experts.
  • Felix served as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Court of International Arbitration in Paris.
  • Felix also helped draft the model law on trademarks for English-speaking Africa for the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).
  • Ntrakwah & Co. established the Corporate Law Institute, to train professionals and promote the development of corporate and commercial law practice in Ghana.
  • Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah serves as member of the legal team of the Ghana Bar Association.
  • Nana Yaw Ntrakwah serves as a member of the legislative reform committee of the Ghana Bar Association.
  • Kwadwo Ntrakwah brought international expert involvement in the training provided by the Corporate Law Institute.


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  • Joint Venture: Hotel Construction

    In this transaction, Ntrakwah and Company’s team of Felix Ntrakwah, Nana Yaw Ntrakwah, and Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah counseled a multi-million dollar African investment company, who financed the construction of a four-star hotel in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The team provided legal advice on the $35 million transaction and prepared all relevant agreements for the financing of the project.
    Joint Venture: Hotel Construction
  • Joint Venture

    For this company — an architectural business engaged in the design and construction of state of the art commercial and residential apartments —Ntrakwah and Co. helped create a joint venture worth over $30 million. The team of Kwadwo Gyasi Ntrakwah and Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah provided legal advice and prepared the necessary legal documents to actualize the joint venture.
    Joint Venture
  • Acquisition of Shares

    Ntrakwah and Co.’s team of Felix Ntrakwah, Kwadwo Gyasi Ntrakwah, and Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah helped in the acquisition of their client, a business that acquires and disposes of properties, by another real estate company. In their role of the $5 million deal, the team advised on the transaction itself and prepared and reviewed all the necessary legal documents for the sale of the shares.
    Acquisition of Shares
  • Trademark Infringement Authority

    Ntrakwah and Co.’s legal team of Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah and Kwadwo Ntrakwah successfully brought an action in the High Court against a local company to restrain it from infringing the registered trademark of its client, a subsidiary of a global leading producer of fertilizer. This case serves as one of the few authorities in Ghana on trademark infringement.
    Trademark Infringement Authority
  • Manufacturing Trademark Infringement

    Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah and Shirley Somuah represented a foreign client in respect of the infringement of its trademark. A number of traders had been selling counterfeit products under the company’s trademark. The team advised the client to have the counterfeit products seized at the port before they got onto the Ghanaian market.The firm proceeded as such. Due to the diligence and perseverance of a joint team effort by the firm’s lawyers, the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority , the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Standards Authority, the counterfeit products have since been destroyed.
    Manufacturing Trademark Infringement
  • Breach of contract

    With over $3 million at stake, Nana Yaw Ntrakwah and Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah argued the case of a client, a leading agricultural company in Ghana. Judgment was granted in favour of the plaintiff for breach of contract by the defendant in selling cotton lint to third parties without the client’s consent.
    Breach of contract
  • Breach of Sale of Goods Act

    Car distributors are rarely taken to court in Ghana. But Ntrakwah & Co.’s Nana Yaw Ntrakwah brought an action in High Court against the distributors of a well-known British automobile for supplying the client (a local consulting firm) with a defective vehicle. Judgment was entered in favor of the plaintiff for breach of the Sale of Goods Act, breach of contract for the supply of goods, and a latent defect in a vehicle, with a total amount at issue of over $72,000.
    Breach of Sale of Goods Act
  • Constitutional Law

    In this Supreme Court case, Ntrakwah & Co.’s client was unable to bring an action in court against the committee responsible for the divestiture of state assets, as the laws at the time said the body could not be sued. In order to solve the problem, one of the firm’s own lawyers was selected to serve as the plaintiff, and the firm petitioned the Supreme Court for the declaration that the provision of the Divestiture Implementation Committee Act, which made it immune to a law suit, was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and paved the way for the client to bring further action with successful results.
    Constitutional Law
  • Insurance Dispute

    In this High Court case, Ntrakwah & Co.’s Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah and Kwadwo Ntrakwah represented the plaintiff, a subsidiary of a multinational security company that specialises in the provision of private security services for individuals and business entities. Favourable judgment was obtained for our client in a breach of contract dispute against its insurers for coverage of losses suffered.
    Insurance Dispute
  • Landmark Company Law

    Ntrakwah and Co. successfully represented the plaintiff, a foreign-owned investment company, after its case had been originally dismissed by both the High Court and the Court of Appeals. The appeal presented to the Supreme Court by the firm’s team of Felix Ntrakwah and Kwadwo Ntrakwah resulted in a favorable landmark decision on minority shareholder’s rights and directors duties by all five Supreme Court judges.
    Landmark Company Law
  • Seizure of Property

    In a landmark ruling for Ghana, Ntrakwah and Company’s legal team of Felix Ntrakwah, Abena Ntrakwah-Mensah, and Kwadwo Ntrakwah argued successfully for their client, a local erstwhile cigarette manufacturing company, whose assets had been seized by the Customs Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) for failing to pay excise duty. After years of litigation, the High Court ruled that the seizure and use of immovable property, investment, cash, and trademarks, worth millions of dollars, were illegal and therefore void.
    Seizure of Property