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Doing business in Ghana without a trusted partner isn’t difficult. It’s impossible.

Since 1984, companies from around the world and within Ghana have relied upon Ntrakwah & Company to help navigate the challenges of Ghanaian law. No other firm can share the same insight, experience and skill.

Practice Areas and Industries

International Expertise
Foreign firms establishing and conducting business in Ghana have trusted Ntrakwah & Co. for more than three decades. Our lawyers are educated in the UK, fluent in English, French and Twi, and share expertise in every facet of Ghanaian business and law.
The Authority on Ghanaian Law
Founder and Managing Partner Felix Ntrakwah established the Ghanaian Corporate Law Institute, and serves on the Committee of Experts for business law reform, which drafted Ghana’s companies bill. For unparalleled experience in the Ghanaian legal system, Ntrakwah is all the Ghanaian you need to know.
Public and Private Consultancy
No firm has more experience guiding foreign corporations and government agencies through the Ghanaian business environment. Felix Ntrakwah plays a leading role in the establishment of corporate rules and guidelines.
Unquestioned Integrity
Ntrakwah & Co. has a strong reputation for ethics and trustworthiness. We are recognized as having the skills, expertise and integrity of an international firm, while remaining 100% true to Ghanaian culture and values.

Practice Areas and Industries



Banking & Finance



Oil & Gas

Corporate & Commercial

Intellectual Property

We speak Ghanaian law fluently.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you navigate the world of Ghanaian law, we speak your language. Ghana law firm Ntrakwah & Co. provides the technical skills and trustworthiness you’re looking for, with an insider’s knowledge in business, IP, tax, construction, litigation and international arbitration.