Foreign businesses must adhere to extremely specific labour laws in Ghana. Ntrakwah & Co. are the experts at helping multinationals navigate these laws to their own benefit—and the benefit of their Ghanaian employees.

Multijurisdictional Expertise

We work closely with our clients’ management and human resources professionals to develop and maintain clear, carefully tailored employee handbooks and policies that adhere to Ghanaian labour laws.

Contracts and Policies

For more than three decades, we’ve acted as lawyers for multinational clients, advising them on every employment and immigration issue:

  • Drafting employment contracts that not only favour both parties equally, but that leave no room for misinterpretation or disputes
  • Representing clients in labour and employment disputes before the labour commission, and in litigation
  • Advising and drafting policies on corporate social responsibility, employment manuals, redundancies, trade unions and collective bargaining agreements
  • Advising clients how to terminate employment contracts to avoid wrongful dismissal suits
  • Securing various types of permits for expatriate staff of corporate bodies, including visas upon arrival, residence permits, and non-citizen cards